Turbo Repair Kits

Turbo repair kits are the cheaper option to the bearings / seals overhaul offers shown on our Overhaul page. Example repair kits and prices are shown below.

All our turbo rebuild / repair kits include bearings / seals only. They don't include blades ,bearing housing or back plate but they do include vat, carriage and a nifty (and clear) diagram showing you how to carry out your turbo repair.

This list isn’t exhaustive so if you need a turbo rebuild / repair kit for another make or model then head over to the Contacts page and give us a call.

Repair Kits for Garrett:

T2, T3, T4, VNT

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Repair Kits for Toyota:

CT9, CT12, CT20, CTt26

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Repair Kits for KKK:

K14, K16, K24, K26, K03, K04

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Repair Kits for Isuzu:

RHB3, RHB4, RHB5 : (there are 2 sizes of bearing - measurement must be made)

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Repair Kits for Mitsubishi:


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T3 Upgrade:

Upgrade (T3) 360 Degree Thrust Bearing Kit

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Core Assemblies :

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At Turbo Repairs, we supply our customers with turbo repair kits that are available for the majority of all makes and models of cars. Our kits are complete with everything you require to repair the turbo on your car, which in turn will help you save money.

All of our turbo repair kits come with a clear diagram of how to use, making them perfect and ideal for those who are thinking of carrying out a DIY job on your turbo. The kits include everything you need to carry out your repair from bearings to seals, and if you have a love for cars, or even work within the field then these repair kits could be absolutely perfect for you.

At Turbo Repairs, our Turbo Repair Kits will not only fix the fault in your car, but will also ensure that it runs more efficiently and powerfully. Remember when you are repairing your turbo to disable your engine completely, and when the turbo is fitted, it is important to leave the oil drain pipe disconnected and turn on the starter motor in ten second intervals, allowing to cool for fifteen seconds each time until the oil flows from the drain pipes. You should never rely on the oil pressure as an indication that there is oil at the turbo. Do not be tempted to rev the engine; instead allow it to rest for four minutes, before checking for leaks and road testing the vehicle.

The above are simply hints and tips and you should always take great care and follow the instruction manual when you are repairing your turbocharger. If you would like further information regarding our kits, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are all incredibly experienced and qualified when it comes to car turbos and would be more than happy to help you. To get in touch, please visit the contact page of our website and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible, or alternatively you can call us directly and speak to a member of our team.