Turbocharger Parts / Turbo Repair Parts

Have a look at the chart below to get an idea of the cost of just some of the parts we can source. It’s not exhaustive but all the turbo repair parts we supply are of the best quality and we aim for immediate dispatch. If the turbocharger parts you’re after aren’t on the table below just call us using the details on the Contacts page and we’ll be happy to help.

Whilst you’re here have a look at the notes on re-fitting your turbo at the foot of the page. It’s simple enough, but it is important that you carefully follow the instructions if you don’t want your lovingly repaired turbo winging its way back to us needing another repair..

Bearings/seals overhaul on Garrett:

T2, T25, T28, T3, T35, T4, GT15, GT17, GT20, VNT

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Bearings/seals overhaul on Mitsubishi:

TD04, TD05, TD06

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Bearings/seals overhaul on KKK:

K14, K03, K04

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Bearings/seals overhaul on IHI:


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12 month warranty and pickup / delivery.

When re-fitting your 'new' turbo, please use the following oil priming instructions to ensure oil feed supply to turbo has been bled out.

Disable engine by disconnecting fuel solenoid valve or shutting off fuel supply (diesel) or by disconnecting ignition system (petrol).

When turbo is fitted in position leave oil drain pipe disconnected and crank engine on starter motor in 10 second intervals (do not crank longer than this as starter motor may overheat). Allow starter to cool for approx 15 seconds and crank engine over again. Continue to follow this procedure until oil flows from the drain pipe. This gives a visual indication that the oil supply is through to the turbo. If you cannot get oil to prime through please phone for advise.

Do not rely on the oil pressure as an indication that there is oil at the turbo. The oil feed pipe is a narrow section and will not cause a pressure drop sufficient to bring the oil light on even when it is full of air as most oil lights extinguish at only 5psi. When oil is primed through to turbo reconnect fuel or ignition system and start engine.

Do not rev engine but allow to idle for 4 minutes.

Check for leaks and road test the vehicle.

Finally, use new oil filter and fresh synthetic oil for best priming.