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We don't bite, we don't think we know it all and we don't assume all our customers are petrolheads or pistonheads. Some are, but it's not obligatory.

We'll happily shoot the breeze (and fix the turbo, obviously) of the customer who knows how to describe 'forced induction' in disturbing detail, and we'll do precisely the same for the person who thinks a Sequential Twin Turbo is something you'd see on Strictly Come Dancing.

In sorting your turbo repair your first method of contact will probably be by phone or e-mail, which is fine by us. So call or mail, give us the basic details, and we’ll get back to you. Whether you’re sourcing turbo parts, require a turbo repair kit or need a full turbo repair service, it all starts by using the address, e-mail, or phone number below..

Better get started, eh? Turbo's don't fix themselves you know?

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