All About Turbo Repairs

It's a fair bet that Mark Jackson, co-founder of, will never be in the position where he's required to complete a turbo repair on the Batmobile. And it's not just because Batman's a fictional character. I mean, where would you get the parts? It's not as if you'd pick up a turbo repair kit for a Batmobile at Halfords, you know?

Nevertheless, that's kind of where it all started. The toy Batmobile from the early seventies came with 12 rockets that got lost down the sofa within seconds of opening the box, a tow hook and a constipated-looking Batman and Robin. Its t.v. counterpart had, you'll remember, something akin to a turbo too. Actually it was more like an afterburner, but we're splitting hairs. The toy had a bit of plastic flame to represent the turbo - not exactly state of the art, we'll agree, but it made an impression. It sparked a lifelong interest in cars, in speed, and in turbos.

Mark's first car didn't have a turbo. Unsurprising really since it was a 1600cc Cortina Mk2. Not only did he not enjoy the increased power he would have gained from a turbo; in cold weather it didn't start at all.

If he never enjoyed the benefits you'd get from a new turbo from he did at least do the next best thing. He managed to start working with a car manufacturer. And not just any old manufacturer: Mark started a career with legendary British Sportscar producer TVR. He worked on the Griffith, the Griffith 500, the Chimera and the Tuscan at their plant in Blackpool. The Chimera was the most successful car TVR ever produced, and it featured the Speed Eight engine, which enjoyed some of the highest power and torque to weight ratios of any normally aspirated engines on the road.

Interesting, isn't it, that for a man dealing with turbo repairs a great chunk of his automotive experience came with a car that didn't need a turbo? But it did show him the value of a turbo. He knew what a TVR was capable of. He knew what his own car was capable of when he headed home after work. Both were normally aspirated engines but the TVR did rather beat the pants off his Escort. What he needed was something to take a small engine to a higher plane.

And that's what still appeals to Mark today. An effective turbo can dramatically improve the performance of a small engine. And once Mark's carried out a turbo engine repair, or fitted those new turbo parts, you'll see the appeal too.

And he's not dealing in fantasy vehicles like the Batmobile, either. Anyone can have a turbo – you just have to know your onions and if you don't then have it fitted by a professional like Mark.

Mark Jackson has lived in Blackpool for the past 30 years. He likes the sea, loathes the roadworks and for a hefty chunk of that 30 years has learnt the intricacies of turbo repairs and the importance of the very best customer service. That's why when he says he'll get your turbo repair back to you fast, he means it. That's why when he says your turbo repair is guaranteed he backs it with a 12 month turbo repairs warranty. And it's why you need to remember just one name when you need a turbo repair service. All the turbo repair service you'll ever need.