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Turbo Repairs

Need a Turbocharger Repair or Turbo Kits?

Turbo Repairs will sort it. Fast

If your turbo's troubled and you need a turbo repair, turbocharger parts, a turbo repair kit or reconditioned unit then we’re every website you’ll ever need! are specialists in repairing turbochargers. If your turbo has failed we'll repair it and get it back to you as fast as you'd expect for a company whose stock in trade is speed.

And if you're looking to add a turbo to your car we also have a stock of new turbo's all with a 2 year warranty.

We've been carrying out turbo repair work for years and have helped thousands of satisfied customers to get back on the road and fast. deals with trade and retail and we offer everybody the best prices around, the very finest quality of service and a 24 month warranty for total peace of mind.

So if your Quattro's queasy, your Subaru's sluggish or your Alfa's awful - and your turbo's to blame - call us. We leave the competition for dust.

Want to find out more? Use the following links to find out more about your turbo repair work.

Turbo Repair Service

Welcome to the home of the turbo repair. Actually, make that 'welcome to the home of the ultra-fast turbo repair'. Which, I guess, makes us the home of the turbo repair. We'll stop there - you get the idea.

Quick Turbo Repairs

The point we're making is that when you send your sick turbo to us we'll have it feeling good as new and back with you within 3 (maybe 4 if we're pushed) working days.

We'll diagnose your turbo fault, select the best quality parts, fix it and then express deliver it back to you before you've barely had time to miss it.

And your 12 month Turbo Repairs warranty will ensure that not only is it fixed, but you can relax safe in the knowledge that your turbo repair work is guaranteed.

Turbocharger Repair Kit

We sell great value turbocharger repair kits too. So if you're an expert mechanic, a gifted dabbler, or just the sort of person who wouldn't dream of asking anyone else to handle your turbo repair until you've had the chance to get oil all over the kitchen table and lose the compressor wheel underneath the cooker, then we can give you the turbocharger kit to do just the job.

Fancy doing your own overhaul on your bearings and seals? Have a look at our 'turbocharger repair kit' page for an idea of what's on offer.

What is a turbo?

Ah yes, the science bit. A turbocharger is a turbine driven forced induction compressor powered by pressure from the engine's exhaust gas. But of course you knew that, didn't you?

Our scarily knowledgeable turbo repair boffin tells us: 'The objective of a turbocharger is to improve upon the size-to-output efficiency of an engine by solving one of its cardinal limitations: a naturally aspirated automobile engine uses only the downward stroke of a piston to create an area of low pressure in order to draw air into the cylinder through the intake valves'.

Since we imagine you didn't swallow a Haynes manual for breakfast, we'll let our turbo repair service boffin get back to the day job whilst we explain things in a way that's slightly less likely to leave you wanting to throw yourself under a passing Isuzu (after it's had its turbo repair work done, obviously).

Turbochargers compress the air flowing into the engine. And if you compress the air then you can fit more of it into the cylinder. The more air you force into the cylinder the more fuel you can add and when you put more of those two things together you get a bigger explosion in the cylinder. A bigger explosion in your cylinder gives you more power overall than you'd get from an engine that hasn't been turbocharged.

Why do I need one?

One very simple reason: a turbo can significantly boost an engine's horsepower without significantly increasing its weight. Assuming it's working properly, of course, which is where we come in. Once your turbo repair is complete or you've managed to fix your own with our turbocharger repair kits here are all the wonderful things you can expect from your turbocharger:

  • More power from the same engine volume over a regular engine.
  • Easier fitting than alternative methods of forced induction (the term given to compressing air within the cylinder).
  • Smaller and lighter than alternatives.
  • Better efficiency not only over 'regular' engines but also supercharged engines since much of the exhaust heat and pressure which would normally go to waste is used to compress the air.
  • Fuel Economy. Be Green! Well, sort of. Get the oomph of a more powerful car for the same amount of fuel you're currently using. Just to be clear - although adding a turbocharger itself does not save fuel, it will allow a vehicle to use a smaller engine while achieving power levels of a much larger engine, while attaining near normal fuel economy while off boost/cruising. This is because without boost, only the normal amount of fuel and air are combusted.

What will it cost me?

Not as much as you're probably fearing. And if you want the proof, take a look at our 'Parts' and 'Repair Kits' pages.

It all depends who's carrying out your turbo fault repair. If it's you using one of our turbo repair kits then you'll clearly save on labour costs - because you'll be doing the labour.

If that's a prospect that fills you with dread and you'd much rather hand the whole thing over to us for the complete turbo repair service (with, let's not forget, a full 12 month turbo repairs warranty) then it'll cost a little more. You will, though, save a whole heap of time and head scratching, particularly if you wouldn't know the front end of a turbo from the front end of a turbo.

And if you happen to live in Lancashire and are still mobile given the current state of your turbo, then you could always bring your turbo repair Blackpool-wards and hand deliver it to us. Our address is available by clicking on the Contacts link on the homepage.

Whichever way you choose call us on 01253 933 794 and we can ensure you get the very finest turbo repair. Your car deserves it.